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ClearMotion: The road we’re on

Zack Anderson, Co-Founder and CTO 

Why ClearMotion?

We have some important news coming before the end of the year, and I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on what brings the ClearMotion team and me to work each day, while sharing some recent progress.

The pandemic showed us that there’s a lot that can be improved in our daily lives. As we return to our normal routines, one of the things that’s emerged as the worst part of most people’s workday is the commute. It’s lost time. It’s stressful. It’s uncomfortable. And sometimes it’s unsafe. 

It’s easy to forget just how much time we spend on the go. My car tracks my cumulative daily drive time, and sometimes I’m surprised — did I really spend 3 hours behind the wheel when all I did was run a few errands? What happened to that time? 

The average person in developed countries lives to be 80 years old. That average person will spend five of those waking years in cars driving or being driven. Five years of our lives. I believe it’s time for us to reclaim those lost days and make the journey as worthwhile as the destination.


Starting out

ClearMotion was born 10 years ago when we saw an opportunity to transform the in-cabin experience and enhance the pleasure of driving for passengers and drivers alike. The solution? A software-defined active suspension that cancels out unwanted vibrations the way headphones cancel out unwanted noise. 

ClearMotion creates a serene environment that turns your vehicle into a comfortable extension of your home anywhere you go. Similar to what the cabin-pressurized jet did for passenger air travel (allowing flight above the weather), for cars this is the solution to deliver a truly comfortable, productive and safe environment. 



Active suspension has been an elusive target for automakers since the 1990s, deemed by many to be unbuildable due to the complex engineering required to achieve cost, speed, force, noise, and durability requirements. After years of relentless R&D, $350M of investment, and 500 filed patents we have achieved the target. As we approach getting ClearMotion1 systems on the road next year, we’re so excited about what’s ahead, and also reflecting back on recent progress. 


Industrialization & customer progress

Momentum has been rapid over the past 18 months. We entered our first series production developments and began construction on our inaugural production facility, which will be operational in Q1 2024. This multifaceted hub for production, customer programs, comprehensive hardware and software testing, and dedicated quality analysis is our single largest investment to date. 

To help fuel this growth, we announced a $39M investment in 2022, followed a few months later by an additional $32M in 2023. Having secured our first high-volume purchase order and a pipeline of additional OEM programs, we’re on a path to deliver a high volume of units. 


Looking ahead 

2024 will be an exciting year at ClearMotion. We’ll have more than one announcement that moves us towards our goal to make the ClearMotion standard a ubiquitous part of our experience as drivers and passengers. And as this happens, we’ll never look back and the in-cabin experience will forever be changed. 

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

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