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ClearMotion partners with NIO to make active suspension technology a reality for consumers

Christian Steinmann, CEO


The cat’s out of the bag – we have officially partnered with NIO to bring three million units of ClearMotion1 into production. At today’s NIO Day event, we unveiled the first NIO car equipped with ClearMotion1. Production deliveries are set to begin in Q4 2024, which means drivers will be able to hit the road in a ClearMotion1-enabled vehicle within the next year. 

This is an incredibly exciting day for us at ClearMotion, and marks the start of a new era in transportation. We believe in a future where it’s not just about getting from point A to point B, but the journey in between. 

Today’s consumers want a wow factor, a differentiated drive that they can’t experience elsewhere. China is currently leading consumer demand for electric vehicles and automotive innovation, and NIO is at the forefront of that. Furthermore, from their start they have been dedicated to improving the in-cabin experience. This partnership reaffirms both NIO and ClearMotion’s commitment to revolutionizing the way we experience the road.  

Our new production facility has set an impressive precedent for future ClearMotion plants across the globe, namely in North America and Europe. We plan to further global expansion and bring ClearMotion1 technology to other markets, and the plant’s development represents a major step towards getting consumers behind the wheel of a ClearMotion1-enabled vehicle, no matter where they’re located. 

Looking ahead, you can expect to see ClearMotion expanding and working with other tier-one OEMs to get our technology on the road, with Germany, US, Japan, and Korea high on our list. Our ultimate goal is to benefit as many drivers and passengers around the globe as possible, but for now we’re thrilled to be making our vision of a serene and comfortable drive a reality for NIO customers. 

One thing’s for certain: this is only the beginning. 

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