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ClearMotion opens inaugural production facility to ring in next phase of global expansion

By Mike Grannell, VP of Procurement, Quality and Supply Chain 


Today, ClearMotion announced the grand opening of our state-of-the-art volume production facility. This is a significant milestone for us: with manufacturing officially underway, we are that much closer to getting drivers behind the wheel of ClearMotion1-equipped vehicles.


ClearMotion has seen impressive momentum in the last few months alone. In December, we announced a partnership with electric vehicle company NIO, whose ET9 models will be the first-ever consumer vehicles fitted with our industry-leading, high-bandwidth active suspension technology. And considering the exciting new partnerships with other iconic OEMs we have yet to reveal, this will prove to be a singularly momentous year for ClearMotion.  


Today’s milestone marks the culmination of a decade-long research, development, and industrialization process to achieve a target the automotive industry has been eyeing for over 30 years: to build—a high-bandwidth proactive suspension system that can integrate into modern cars. To achieve this, the ClearMotion team had to overcome enormous technical hurdles, including reducing system inertia by over 100x and developing silent hydraulics and highly efficient pump technologies, all underpinned by world-leading control software. These breakthroughs and more have resulted in a tech platform that is protected by over 500 patents. 


Our automated Changshu facility represents our largest investment to date. The site has capacity to produce up to 1.5 million units of our ClearMotion1 technology to deliver on our landmark production order from NIO and additional planned customer programs. The new factory establishes a blueprint for upcoming plants in North America and Europe, streamlining the process for efficient, sustainable, and innovative mass production.  


Product deliveries are slated for Q4 2024, which means our vision for the future of mobility is swiftly becoming a reality. As we embark on our way towards further global expansion, we’re one step closer to making sustainable, comfortable, and productive transportation accessible to all.  




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